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SmartCoat is one of the world's most powerful antimicrobial multi-surface disinfectants that uses advanced nanotechnology. The world's one of the most progressive brands, SmartCoat, was initially started in 2011, and officially launched in 2012 after adding major international clients and awards. The product is manufactured in Malaysia with a strong R&D setup. It was later introduced to global markets the same year and that is how SmartCoat was introduced in India.

With an aim to provide safe health and wellbeing for people across the country, SmartCoat is also entering into the health and hygiene market to make advanced products available for everyone to promote their health.

As a powerful leading multi-surface disinfectant in India, SmartCoat is widely used across all industries including hospitals, IT offices, schools & colleges, healthcares, retail, hospitality, public transport and warehouses.

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To ensure a safe and hygienic environment through our revolutionary, innovative products and solutions. Dedicated to protecting and promoting your health and wellbeing with advanced technologies, we make cutting-edge solutions available to everyone.

Where can SmartCoat be used?

The powerful advanced antimicrobial nanocoating, SmartCoat, can be used in any industry and on any surface. It is a multi-surface disinfectant that provides high-end protection, and hence many industries are already using it.






Public transport

Schools & colleges



IT offices

Food and beverages


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Benefits of SmartCoat

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Non toxic

Uses green chemicals and non-toxic elements making it safe to use everywhere.

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Self sanitizing

The self-sanitizing and disinfecting property makes the product unique to use.

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Invisible protection

Forms a thin invisible layer of protection that fights 24/7.

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Indoor air quality

Eliminates waste bin and other bad odours from the room improving indoor air quality.

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Antiviral and Antibacterial

SmartCoat kills 99.99% of germs, harmful viruses, and bacteria on the surfaces with the single-time application.

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VOC Removal

Eliminates harmful VOCs released into the air and makes your room easier to breathe.

Our International & Indian Clients

Restart & never stop again

Whether you are picking up from where you left off or freshly beginning, you are not stopping again. Make your business sound safe, hygienic and confident with SmartCoat.

Welcome your employees and customers to a safe environment after the global pandemic with a bang. The thin transparent layer of SmartCoat application builds up invisible protection and keeps the surfaces safe and confident.


Fighting SARS COV 2 Viruses


The only way to stop SARS COV-2 related diseases, including the latest COVID, is to prevent the spread of viruses. We need a robust solution that proactively attacks the virus rather than just defending. SmartCoat is tested and verified as an effective nano-coating multi-surface disinfectant that can even destroy deadly viruses like coronavirus from the surfaces and keep you safe.

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