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Fixing by Spraying Directly

We spray and fix it! SmartCoat is one of the rare high-end photocatalysts made using fixing technologies to avoid the repeated disinfecting process. It is a fully charged electrostatic which sticks to the surface when sprayed. After spraying this powerful photocatalyst disinfectant spray, the bubbles get attached to the surface of objects which then would be ejected and form a half-sphere. The pressure inside the bubbles causes surface tension and pushes the TiO2 to the surface. When the TiO2 present on the surface absorbs light, it gets activated. The best part of SmartCoat is that it can be directly sprayed on the surfaces of any materials in your home, workplace, and vehicle. It can be sprayed even on organic matters as it wisely avoids decomposition problems and does not directly get in contact with the material like other photocatalyst disinfectant sprays. As it is unnecessary to protect organic matters by coating inorganic matters before processing, SmartCoat skips it and simplifies the disinfection process. Thus being a smart, unique and effective photocatalyst disinfectant, SmartCoat has become a strong player in both global and Indian markets.

Easy Application & Instant Action

Generally, photocatalysts of regular brands are watery and are hard to dry. In fact, some need to be heated under high temperatures to activate the catalyst, which is an inconvenient process. But that's not the case with SmartCoat. SmartCoat dries within seconds after its application on rough surfaces such as a wall, wood etc. At the same time, it takes less than 30 seconds on smooth surfaces such as tiles. Its instant-dry feature makes it amazingly easy to apply without hurting the environment. Additionally, SmartCoat application will not be erased or will not become less effective when you touch or clean after it is dried. It is harder than the paint used on automobiles; hence it stays longer on any surface unless rubbed with hard objects.

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